Is PikaShow Harmful: Discover the Facts and Stay Safe

Introduction: Streaming apps have become a lucrative industry, but concerns about privacy protection and security remain significant for users. PikaShow, an Indian-origin all-in-one streaming app, has raised similar concerns. This article aims to shed light on PikaShow’s legal status, safety, and potential usage risks based on evidence and facts.

PikaShow’s Harmful Aspects

Our team has identified six reasons why PikaShow may be considered unsafe, based on user reviews and other evidence.

  • Unavailable on Google Play Store: PikaShow’s absence from the Google Play Store suggests it may not meet Google’s security guidelines.
  • Banned by Delhi High Court: PikaShow services have been banned in India due to violations of privacy policies on several streaming apps.
  • No Uninstallation Option: Users have reported difficulty uninstalling the app, leading some to categorize it as malware.
  • Downloading from Third-Party Websites: Users are forced to download PikaShow from unofficial sources, increasing security concerns and potential exposure to malware.
  • Negative Reviews in Communities: Mixed reviews on community forums have led many to believe that PikaShow is not a secure streaming app.
  • No Customer Support: The lack of customer support after the Delhi High Court’s decision raises further concerns about the app’s reliability.

Reasons to Choose PikaShow

Despite potential risks, there are several reasons users might choose PikaShow:

  • Free Streaming App: PikaShow offers a wide variety of free content, including movies, songs, live TV channels, on-demand content, live sports streams, and documentaries.
  • All-In-One Entertainment: PikaShow provides access to a diverse range of entertainment options with a single click.
  • Official Developer’s Claim: The app’s developers frequently update the content and claim that PikaShow is a secure streaming app that protects user data.
  • No Extension Required: PikaShow has a straightforward downloading process without the need for additional software or extensions.

Expert Analysis

Our team’s unbiased observations after using PikaShow include:

  • Safe Streaming App if Used Sensibly: PikaShow can be safe if users follow precautionary measures, such as scanning the app, using a secondary account, and avoiding granting admin permissions.
  • Asks for Several Admin Permissions: PikaShow requests access to contacts, location, gallery, and media, but the app still works if permissions are denied.
  • Pop-up Security Notification: A security notification appears when attempting to download PikaShow from Google-protected websites, which may be a standard security measure.
  • Redirects to Third-Party Websites: PikaShow redirects users to other platforms, raising concerns about piracy.


Although the legal status of PikaShow remains unclear due to mixed user reviews and a combination of legitimate and shady elements, the Delhi High Court’s decision to ban the app in India over data theft concerns is significant. However, this does not necessarily indicate that user privacy is at risk. Stay tuned for further information and updates on PikaShow by bookmarking our website.

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